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Communicating In Different Ways

While you can think of over three similarities of communicating with technology and talking in person, there can also be some different’s in several of ways. Like you want to talk to your friends or family, but you might not have signal at the moment,or you just never have Wifi at your house, you might…

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The Walk

As I woke up from the loud silent night,   I got out of my bed without causing a fright. Walking to the living room, And  looking to the side the little dim light holding up the broom. And all of a sudden, I heard a creak in the floor, Appears a person and another…

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The Power Of Words Reflection Of ” Out Of My Mind”

  When you think of silence, I think of uproariously. When they think of sorrow, I think it’s going to be better tomorrow. When you think of “mine,” I  think of “ours.” The power of words have more than a meaning, They are worth being. When you think of words, I think more than a…

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Literary Response

That made me view something differently about Sharon M. Draper’s book.” Out Of My Mind”   Textual evidence and thinking to support your topic sentence: Sometimes your actions don’t always speak louder than your words . “ I kicked, But my mom still didn’t understand what I was trying to tell her!”   Sometimes it’s…

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Sharon M. Drapers Writing

Writing About Reading Paragraph                 Response Out Here are a few things about Sharon M. Draper’s book that I enjoyed.  She can put any picture in your mind. EX:”A girl with black curly hair, in a pink wheelchair, who can’t walk or talk. She gives us a point of view of Melody’s  perspective  , so we know how…

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E is for Expectations of good healthy land. R is for Recycle. T is for Trees staying healthy. H is for Helping keep the Earth clean.   D is for Doing whatever to keep everything wonderful and clean. A is for Awesome holiday for Earth. Y is for Yellow, blue, red, pink, purple, and orange…

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Child Labor

I think that child labor was cruel. The children should have had at least eight hours of sleep. And they should have had gaurds by the door and not have the doors locked just in case. Well thats my response to Child Labor.

Judicial Branch

If I was part of a Government   Branch I would want to be part of the Judicial Branch. Because justices only hear causes that pertain to issues related to Congress and, They are the highest court in our country.

Franklin Pierce

Fraiday, November 23, is the 203thrid Anniversary of the birth of Americas 14th President, Franklin Pierce. Speedy replacement by Americas 15th President. At the time he was elected President in 1852, 42 year old Franklin Pierce became the youngest man in history to win that office. A stead Supporter of President Andrew Jackson in the…

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