Sometimes you start by believing and supporting yourself, but sometimes you need support from a  different person like when Malala started out by writing and supported herself, however her parents started supporting her when they found out what she was doing

       After a while, she and her parents hope grew and so did others, and that lead great things to Malala.

     Supporting can bring a lot of hope to and the world and people like when Malala parents supported on her on her journey, and hope is important because it gives people a voice to speak for their beliefs and Malala went to go speak for her country and education.

    In the book ‘I Am Malala’ she had support and hope from her family, and from other people, like say you have a science fair coming up, you want your family to be there, right? And no matter how old you can get, you might get embarrassed it gets, you really want your family to be there, cheering you on, because it’s easier to face things together.

  In the book “ I Am Malala”, Malala didn’t just get through her journey with support, however with hope from her coming up, and today the day. You can’t just pass by studying, but also by hoping you can pass the test.

  You can bring hope and support to the world with just confidence and beliefs on what you can do, Like Malala

     You sometimes support yourself at first, together supporting each other.

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