As I woke up from the loud silent night,  

I got out of my bed without causing a fright.

Walking to the living room,

And  looking to the side the little dim light holding up the broom.

And all of a sudden, I heard a creak in the floor,

Appears a person and another one more.

She says “ How about we take a walk?”,

With her soft, gentle voice as she talks.

As we get outside with silence,

I go down the stairs with all my balence.

I enter the night,

And the first thing I see are the traffic lights.

And the warm winter brezze,

Hitting my fingertips with a frezze.

We end up walking 3.7 miles,

And I got  through my mind like files.

We end up coming back to town,

I have so many emotions on,

Except for a frown.


Moments are not counting the seconds for how long you breath,

But moments are the things that take your breath away.

Enjoy the little things in life.

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