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The good thing about coding is that it gives your brain to learn and to finger things on its own. Something I did not like about codings is that it takes forever to finger out and it has so many levels to get past and its really hard. I rate this to a 5.

Women in the American Revolution

Mary Draper, who provided food, clothing, hospitality, and ammunition to the patroit troops. Deborah Read, was the wife of Benjamin Frankin for 44 years. Esther Reed, was the wife of a Revolutionary war General, and a civic leader who formed the Laides Philadelphia relief for soldiers, and spoke politically to gain sapporot for the war…

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Who Made The First American Flag

I think Betsy  Ross was the one who made the first American flag. In the play that I did it said that Betsy Ross made the five-pointed star. And in the play someone had proof in the play. And now we have the five-pointed star on our American Flag.


The Swamp Fox

Military officer who served in the American Revalution war Acting with continent army and South Carlina Persistent adversary of the Britsh The swamp Fox Francis Marion Battles Of Lexington Avoid being seen during wars His first assignment was building Fort Sullivan Considered one of the Fathers of Modern Guerrilla www. swamp fox  Memorial.  org

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